Free Information Nights

Start by joining me and a group of others to find out more about Heart Intelligence and how it can benefit you. It’s free! You have nothing to lose!

You have a chance to experience putting Heart Intelligence into practice immediately and see if it’s something you want more of in your life.

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Heart IQ Circle Days

SPEND A DAY LIVING FROM YOUR HEART! An opportunity to immerse yourself in this experience with like-hearted others and connect authentically without the usual barriers and masks. You will learn the core skills of Heart Intelligence and practice these with others. It’s through this practice that we make living from our heart’s intelligence a reality and experience the love, clarity and connection that’s possible. Space is available for individuals to be coached on areas of their life they wish to improve. Currently low cost due to facilitator being in training.

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The Heart IQ Alchemy Sessions

An empowering programme of 6 1:1 online video calls during which participants will be learn how to extract the intelligence inherent in their body, emotions, energy and intuition as well as their intellect, and then apply that practically in their lives.

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