An empowering programme of 6 1:1 online video calls during which you will learn how to extract the intelligence inherent in your body, emotions, energy and intuition as well as your intellect, and then apply that practically in your life.

Using your current life situation I teach you to discern between your authentic desires and your conditioning (that comes from your culture, upbringing and education), and to navigate the resistance and limitation that show up when you decide to engage with your heart’s desires.  You will learn how to act from inspiration and follow the guidance that’s always available to you.

At the end of 6 sessions you will have integrated a powerful practice that helps you get unstuck, make decisions that are right for you and feel better whenever you choose, as well as realise the creative power that lies within you. By focusing on joy rather than fixing issues or problems, this unique approach connects you to deep meaning and purpose.

The programme is delivered through 6 live online sessions. You will need a computer, webcam, mic-headset and reliable fast internet connection.


Investment: £390  currently discounted by 50% to £195