How will my life change when I work with you?

Your confidence in yourself grows as you learn to navigate your emotional world with ease, letting go of resistance and learning to use your emotions as the guidance they were intended to be.

You start to see self-limiting beliefs and stories for what they are and learn ways to get free, building your sense of esteem and worth and enabling you to get out there and be the fullest you yet.

You begin to learn how to discern between what you think you want (your conditioning) and what you truly want (your authenticity) so you can get unstuck, make decisions that are right for you and move forward in life with energy and purpose.

As you become more confident, courageous, self-loving and purposeful your capacity for joy, your energy and vitality increases.


Why can I not have a one-off session to begin with?

One-off sessions will be available to you after you have completed one of the Heart IQ Programs. The reason for this is that Heart Intelligence is a skill that needs to be developed. I am committed to giving you value for money and to providing you with the best opportunity to created lasting change and transformation in your life. This empowers you! You leave with a toolbox of skills, practices and enough experience to know how to apply Heart IQ in your life; these tools, when applied consistently, will open doors to magic in your life! One off sessions are a little like giving someone who’s hungry a meal rather than teaching them how to grow their own food. I want you to be free to soar, not dependent on a one-off sessions like a quick fix to get you through when you need it.