I like to describe Heart Intelligence as the  embodied skill of living life from our hearts rather than our heads.

Heart Intelligence is integrated intelligence, the integration of innate intelligence that we access when we are aware of what’s real for us at all levels of our reality: mind, body, emotion, energy, intuition, social. Using information from all these levels to inform our decisions and guide our life means we break free of limitations to live a life that’s true expression of who we are.

Culturally we have become good at mind intelligence but out of balance with the rest. We can end up living out of the conditioning or programming that has become embedded in our minds through the way that we have been brought up, parented, educated and through the belief systems we that we hold. We end up living the ideals of others and of what we’ve been brought up to believe rather than consciously living a life that is consistent with who we are at a deep level.

Conditioning also prevents us from having the relationships we truly yearn for, we often unknowingly put up barriers to intimacy and keep at bay that which we most desire. We keep others out, we don’t receive them, let them in, consequently our relationships are based on conditional love and leave us unsatisfied and wanting more.

You know you’re living this way if you find yourself struggling with

    • making decisions
    • your emotions
    • relationships
    • setting healthy boundaries
    • putting your dreams and goals into action
    • breaking free from living in unhealthy ways
    • addictions
    • finding happiness….

…….I could go on!

We are born heart-connected, look at the beautiful, loving, untamed nature of children; they know what they want and what they don’t want and they love unconditionally. As we get conditioned and moulded through life we get pulled away from our own unique guidance and life-force, this suppresses our energy and causes us distress on many levels as well as the erection of a (rather beautifully) clever defensive system that often keeps us in denial about this distress.

Reconnecting to our internal guidance and life-force requires us to reconnect to our hearts, as we once were as children, but to then hone this connection as a skill that becomes our guidance through life.

Being connected to our hearts and knowing how to use that information leads to joy, freedom and growth. It is our natural state of being.

From this place we love and accept ourselves, others and life, experiencing all that is without resistance. We learn, we grow, we delight, we know our freedom to make choices and decisions that enhance our experience in the grand adventure called life. We support each other in true loving community, dealing with what’s real with respect and honour.

We are all that we can be.

This is Heart Intelligence.

It’s natural, it’s innate, it’s who we are.